Foreign Rights Agents

Meredith Miller, Foreign Rights Agent; Sylvie Rosokoff, Associate Director of Foreign Rights; Sarah Bush, Foreign Rights Agent; Claire Roberts, Director of Foreign Rights.




Whenever clients first hear Trident's foreign rights book agents make that statement, there is a look of disbelief or at least a thought that this must be some exaggeration. However, the fact is that the world is the market for Trident's Foreign Rights Department. Last year, the department concluded over 500 sales for Trident's clients in over thirty-five foreign markets. Trident Media Group has the largest dedicated foreign rights department in the literary agency business and a record unmatched by any other literary marketplace.


Robert Gottlieb, chairman of Trident Media Group, takes a direct interest in the Foreign Rights Department's operations. "I believe that the personal contact with foreign publishers on behalf of our authors can sell foreign rights to our authors' books more effectively than publishers," says Robert. "We care a lot more, and we want to sell the books everywhere—big markets, small markets, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa."


Claire Roberts, the managing director of Trident's Foreign Rights Department, says that success of our literary marketplace is the result of several factors. "Through Trident's domestic literary agents, we get to know our authors' books long before they are published. Next, we have developed longstanding one-to-one relationships with editors and executives at publishing firms around the globe, and we know who to contact to generate the most interest in a specific book. Accordingly, during the course of a year, we meet with several hundred editors to promote our clients' works.


Sylvie Rosokoff, the associate director of the department, says that the department's mission is "to manage our clients' careers around the world with the focus always on securing the best possible publications. We test the markets and strategies to find the right fit for each book."


Trident's foreign rights literary agents each year attend the London, Frankfurt, and Bologna book fairs. Robert Gottlieb leads the team to London and Frankfurt. Meredith Miller, a foreign rights literary agent in the department, says, "Before we leave for a fair, our days are already booked with non-stop meetings from early in the morning through the evening. Everyone wants to meet with us, and no market is too small." To prove that point, Meredith has closed deals in Qatar and in the South African language of Afrikaans.


"One of the unique tools that Trident uses to generate interest in its clients' books in advance of a fair is the Hot List," says Meredith, the foreign rights literary agent who is responsible for its preparation. "The Hot List creates great buzz before we arrive at the fair and kicks off a competition among publishers."


And Trident's New York publishing office is the place for editors around the world to stop when they are in New York City. U.S. literary agencies and publishers such as The Fiction Studio and The Story Plant that want their foreign rights sold also come to us. "They get to meet the entire team," says Claire. And the team's credentials are very impressive. Claire is a vice president of the firm with over eighteen years experience in international markets. Sylvie will soon be with the department for five years. She's also fluent in French and highly proficient in German. Sarah Bush joined the foreign rights department after nearly three years of work in Trident's domestic and audio divisions. Meredith joined Trident's Foreign Rights Department after working in the editorial departments of publishers.


They all view their goal to be the same: "We are dedicated to the long-term, global success of our clients—presenting their books to the top international editors, making the perfect match of literary publisher and author, negotiating the best terms for every contract, and being an active partner in the publishing process."



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