Accounting & Administration

Accounting & Administration

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The Accounting and Administration Department is what makes it all work at Trident Media Group.

“The most important task that we have is the collection of our clients’ advances and royalties from publishers, licensees, entertainment companies, and electronic retailers in the United States and around the world,” says Laurie Newman, director of accounting. She and her long-time associate, Daphne Lawrence, have collected and distributed tens of millions of dollars to clients promptly and efficiently over the years.

Trident also has a customized software system that allows immediate responses to questions such as “When is the next installment of my advance due?” or “How much have I received in royalties this year from this publisher?” Dan Strone, CEO of Trident, refers to the sound functioning of accounting as the “sleep well at night factor” for clients, literary agents, and him. Of course, accounting provides a myriad of other services, such as sending out 1099s to clients annually, paying the firm’s bills, and coordinating with Trident’s outside accounting firm.

Office Administration, headed by Mary Potenciano, also provides important services. Mary has to be skilled at a diverse number of tasks, from renewing supply and equipment contracts, to administering health and other insurance and maintaining essential office services. “I view the most challenging part of my job to be human resources,” says Mary. “One of Trident’s great strengths is the diversity in its  literary agents and staff, but they all have in common a great spirit and drive. My job is to help all of these people work together as efficiently as possible.”

Dan emphasizes that Trident Media Group carefully selects and trains the assistants for the publishing agents, with the result that there are many promotions from within the firm. He is intimately involved in all stages of the hiring process.

“Accounting and administration are essential to Trident’s success,” says Dan. “And it takes a great deal of effort and care. We are very proud of this department.”