Robert Gottlieb

Robert Gottlieb is the Chairman of Trident Media Group, book publishing’s number one ranked literary agency for North American sales for well over a decade in consecutive years. In 2000, he founded Trident Media Group with the goal of bringing an innovative approach to book publishing. That approach includes a uniquely organized company that not only delivers the highest level author management in the industry but also provides unique marketing dynamics for an author’s career in a very competitive marketplace. Robert Gottlieb’s leading position in the literary agency business gives him access to all the decision makers in publishing at all levels including media firms around the world. He has worked with many New York Times bestselling authors and is skilled at launching authors’ careers.

Robert Gottlieb focuses on maximizing and establishing his authors’ brands on a worldwide basis. When negotiating deals he seeks to retain as many rights as possible, including foreign rights, film/TV rights, and audio rights, to ensure the author’s benefits extend beyond their domestic publishing arrangements. Trident’s robust Foreign Rights department then sells these titles at the London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair and continues a year-round effort of constant contact with foreign publishers to ensure substantial foreign deals. Robert Gottlieb also places a high focus on marketing and works with Trident’s dedicated marketing team to ensure his authors reach the widest audience possible. He is devoted to his authors’ careers and can guarantee he will advocate for them at every stage of the publishing process.