Martha Wydysh graduated from Cornell University with a B.A. in English literature and attended the Columbia Publishing Course in 2014. As an undergraduate, she spent a year at St. Anne’s College, Oxford University studying British literature and creative writing. Before coming to Trident Media Group, Martha worked as a literary assistant in subsidiary rights at a major agency, selling audiobook and serial rights for all clients at the agency. She came to Trident Media Group in 2016 to work as Magazine Rights Associate and Executive Assistant to Ellen Levine, and in this position, she placed short stories, book excerpts, articles, and essays with magazines and literary journals on behalf of Ellen’s clients and sold audiobook rights to their work as well. Martha continues placing work by Ellen Levine’s renowned clients—and now her own—with The Paris Review, McSweeney’s Quarterly ConcernThe New YorkerNew York Review of Books, the New York Times Book ReviewPlayboy, n+1, GuernicaNew York Magazine’s The Cut, and The Believer.

Martha began building her client list in 2019 and was promoted to Agent in 2021. She is primarily seeking literary fiction as well as upmarket fiction, and is drawn to novels that are contemporary, emotionally and psychologically acute, and not necessarily plot-centric. She has a soft spot for slightly speculative and satirical works that question the status quo here in the U.S. and abroad, and gravitates toward anything that verges on the absurd, obsessive, or humorous. She has a particular love of short fiction, especially linked collections or novels-in-stories that transport and immerse readers in an unfamiliar place. Additionally, Martha is looking for dark and propulsive psychological, domestic, and social thrillers. In non-fiction, she is interested in representing very select projects in the areas of narrative non-fiction, cultural criticism, and literary memoir.