Claire Roberts


Claire has traveled the globe many times, but in a very unusual way. As head of Trident’s Foreign Rights Department, she has had direct and frequent interaction with many editors at many publishing firms in over thirty countries.  She knows all of those countries, their cultures and how to sell Trident’s authors’ books into those markets from the thousands of meetings she has had with those editors in Frankfurt, London and New York City. And although she works with Trident’s authors in licensing their books to the best publishers around the world, there was always another force pulling on Claire.

Claire has an MFA from the University of Michigan, where she wrote fiction and edited other students’ novels. She has always wanted to be involved with writers at a very primary level, helping them get their manuscripts to the right publisher in the United States and then continuing to manage and grow the author’s business. But she did not want to give up her numerous contacts and expertise in the international markets.

Then Claire realized that she could have the best of both worlds; by relinquishing her management responsibilities, she would be able to devote substantial time to working with authors on their books in the United States and managing their careers, while continuing to sell Trident’s clients’ books in the international markets.

Now Claire can fulfill her passion to work with writers who have the talent to create books that are fresh, immediate and character driven. She loves all types of fiction, and of course, in view of her MFA in literary fiction, she finds that genre very appealing.

Claire says that “the books that do best in the international markets are those that tell great stories, with the kind of writing that stays with you after the book has been put down. And the authors of those kind of books, are exactly who I am looking to work with and represent in the United States.”