Alice Fugate
Associate Literary Agent

Alice Fugate graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, with a B.A. in English Literature and a concentration in Creative Writing. As an undergraduate she conducted research and wrote for the Mike Curb Institute for Music, competed on the varsity track and field team, and spent a summer studying English literature in London. She moved to New York City to attend the Columbia Publishing Course in the summer of 2018 before starting her career in publishing at Trident. As assistant to Alyssa Eisner Henkin, Alice works in the children’s book space: picture books, chapter books, middle grade, young adult, and graphic novels.

In addition to assisting Alyssa, Alice is working to grow a client list of her own. She is interested in children’s middle grade and young adult, fiction and narrative nonfiction, and select author-illustrator projects in the picture book and graphic novel space. She’s drawn to stories with a classic but fresh feel with distinctive, surprising voices from diverse backgrounds. In children’s literature, she’s partial to animal fables, fairy tale retellings, adventure stories, historical fiction, and heartfelt contemporary stories, especially if they explore the importance of place, the natural world, spirituality, and faith. She loves the wit and whimsy found in the works of Lewis Carroll and Jane Austen, as well as in Studio Ghibli and Wes Anderson films, and the beauty and goodness present in works like The Wind in the Willows, Redwall, and The Chronicles of Narnia. She also enjoys comedies of manners, fun love stories, and stories set in Latin America, with a special interest in Ecuador, Chile, and Patagonia. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Alice has a soft spot for Southern literature, fiction and nonfiction, and would love to work with select adult titles in this space. She’s also interested in representing select, faith-based adult titles.