Audio Rights Agent

Mark Gottlieb, Literary & Audio Rights Agent.




Many will ask themselves, "Who cares about audio rights to books?" Trident Media Group does, and in particular, Mark Gottlieb, who is the literary agent designated to focus on this important area.


Trident's audio book publishers understand the importance of keeping audio rights for their authors. Audio rights can be an additional important revenue source for authors, and an audio book also increases a work's overall value and exposure.


According to the Wall Street Journal, annual audio book revenues now exceed $1.2 billion, up from $480 million in retail sales in 1997. By having a dedicated agent in Mark, Trident's audio revenue for its clients has been several million dollars for the last three years. The audio sales at Trident Media Group doubled under Mark's leadership of the audio rights department, an achievement Mark is deservedly proud of.


"Being able to focus on the negotiation and sale of audio rights gives me the opportunity to enhance an author's overall portfolio and increase revenue in an area that the author does not have any expectations," says Mark. "Trident has a real competitive advantage over other literary agencies that do not retain audio rights or do not have a specialist to focus on this growing publishing area. Also, when the author has a separate agreement for the audio rights, the author has more creative control and can oversee a better quality production than if the audio rights remained with the print publisher."

"I realize that the skills and experience that I have developed at Trident as a Literary & Audio Rights Agent have given me an insight to what works well in a commercial marketplace for audio books," says Mark. "I know what is a good story, and I know how to sell it."