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Authors, Booksellers & Agents Call for DoJ to Investigate Amazon

Posted by admin  at July 15, 2015

Will the DOJ punish Amazon for using it's size to force publishers and other suppliers to give Amazon better deals? Amazon has changed publishing in a major way and like any engine of change there is good and bad. I see this as a dollar and cents matter.

That appears the only question on the table to justify the DOJ taking action. All major retailers including book chains have used their clout historically to pressure suppliers to give them better terms.

If we used this as a basis for bringing the DOJ into business disputes such as this matter where would it end?

In the case of Bertelsmann/Pearson Amazon did not stop carrying their books and the parties reached a business deal. The same issues were on the table.

Publishers still continue to take the lion share of eBook royalties from authors. They do it collectively. I would like to see a change on playing field in respect to author eBook royalties from publishing houses...