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Our E-Book Operations department is now accepting direct submissions for original, front-list titles by both new and established authors. We are looking for great fiction and non-fiction in a variety of genres and categories.


Trident E-Book Operations has uniquely positioned itself to offer the flexibility and control that makes self-publishing so appealing to authors, in addition to the attention and guidance that only a dedicated staff can provide. The department facilitates e-publishing services on behalf of its authors, such as conversion, distribution, sales and royalty reporting. It also works closely with its authors and provides guidance with copyediting, jacket design and marketing. Trident E-Book Operations offers cohesive and efficient career management, and works in tandem with Trident’s other subsidiary departments to explore print, foreign, audio, film and TV programming potential.


Trident Media Group works in the capacity of an agent only, and does not take on the role of the publisher. The author remains the publisher and copyright holder at all times. As a result, Trident only commissions the standard 15% for its e-book services.


If you are interested in working with Trident’s E-Book Operations, please send a query letter to “eBook Rights” below. Your query should include an author bio, a brief plot synopsis and your contact information. Please do not send a manuscript or proposal until you have been requested to do so by a member of our staff. The E-Book Operations team will contact you in response to your query within two weeks of receiving the query. We do not accept simultaneous-submissions that have been sent to other agents at Trident Media Group. After the expiration of a 30-day period following a submission to a Trident agent, you may make a submission to another agent at Trident. Multiple submissions made within a thirty-day period will automatically be blocked.


If you are a published and/or self-published author, please also provide the following information about your publishing history, in addition to your query letter:



-Publisher’s name(s)
-Publication date(s)
-Any available sales information

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Thank you! We will contact you as soon as possible!