MacKenzie Fraser-Bub

Literary Agent



Launching her promising career as a book agent has been an organic, evolutionary process for MacKenzie Fraser-Bub. “I am excited to be at Trident, with its myriad opportunities for writers and the entrepreneurial environment for literary agents which allows them to achieve great results for their clients in so many unique ways.”


“I grew up surrounded by writers, manuscripts and publishing deals as the goddaughter of a Vice President and Publisher at Random House,” says MacKenzie. “And in the summers, I hung around my godmother’s company, the Radcliffe Publishing Course (now the Columbia Publishing Course), known as one of the industry’s training grounds.”


“My goal the first few years was to work for very smart people in the publishing industry, learning as much as I could and getting valuable experience,” explains MacKenzie. This included positions as the assistant to the Director of the Columbia Publishing Course, Lindy Hess, and working for Trident publishing agents Kimberly Whalen and Scott Miller. “Working for Scott and Kim convinced me that I wanted to be a literary agent,” says MacKenzie. “I was fortunate to have such wonderful mentors, who are considered to be leaders and groundbreakers in publishing.”


Before embarking on her career as a publishing agent, MacKenzie wanted to experience working inside a major publisher, and gain valuable insights on marketing, which she could use later to her clients’ advantage. She became Publishing Manager at Touchstone Books (a division of Simon & Schuster). She worked closely with the sales and marketing departments for a wide-array of bestselling authors, such as Philippa Gregory, Lisa Unger, Bethenny Frankel, J.A. Jance, and R.L. Stine.


Now MacKenzie’s back at Trident as a literary agent, actively building her client list, discovering new talent, and helping established authors expand their publishing platforms and readership. While she is interested in women’s fiction, “What I look for in every genre is a good story, well told,” says MacKenzie. “And with that in hand, I know that I can make exciting things happen for an author.”