Kimberly Whalen

Executive Vice President



Kimberly Whalen came to Trident Media Group in 2002 after a successful career at St. Martin's Press, where she rose to the position of director of foreign rights in just seven years.


With established relationships throughout the international publishing community, particularly in the major European and Asian markets, Kimberly quickly compiled an enviable record as the managing director of the Foreign Rights Department at Trident, a role she held through 2006.


In 2006, Kimberly took on a new challenge, shifting her focus from foreign to domestic literary agency representation. It was a risky move for someone who had achieved such success in foreign sales, but it proved to be a wise one. With her intuitive ability to recognize compelling stories and talented writers, Kimberly quickly built a formidable list of international bestselling clients.


Her extensive knowledge of both the global and domestic marketplaces has allowed her to identify and pursue the best opportunities for her authors. Now executive vice president of Trident, Kimberly combines her sharp business acumen with a firm commitment to developing strong personal relationships with her clients, making herself a valuable resource at every stage of their careers.


Though she enjoys a reputation as the industry's premier literary agent for women's fiction and romance, Kimberly also has a strong affinity for commercial fiction and nonfiction across a wide range of genres, including suspense, paranormal, and pop culture.